Sapori Napoletani

It's not a job, it's a family business.



A family business...

Pizza and Antonio Vitiello share a birthplace - Naples, Italy - but that wasn't the only reason he fell in love with Pizza Napoletana.  Antonio learned the beauties and intricacies from his mother, father, and grandmother, who were also pizzeria and restaurant owners. Now, along with his daughters and wife Ewelina, Antonio shares his passion from Sapori Napoletani in the Norwood Park neighborhood of Chicago. Truly a family business. 

And if mastering the art of Pizza Napoletana wasn't enough, Antonio also hand-built the woodfired oven responsible for all of our pizzas and several other specialty dishes. We pride ourselves in offering a variety of Neapolitan Flavors such as a classic pizza Margherita, imported meats and cheeses, our signature spaghetti carbonara, the traditional babba Napoletano, and our homemade tiramisu. Buon appetito! 




6050 N Northwest Hwy | Chicago, IL 60631 | (773) 628-7894

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